Library Bus Ranstakka

Library Bus Ranstakka

In the library bus "Ranstakka" you will find a versatile collection of books, magazines, audio books, music and movies. There are around 120 stops along the routes that mainly go around sparsely populated areas. Schools and kindergartens in urban areas are also regularly visited. The intervals between stops are 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the route. The loan periods are arranged according to the intervals between stops.

Phone 044 0284441


Ranstakka schedule 2023-2024

Ranstakka doesn't drive on July.

Routes and stops


You can reserve material from the Suomussalmi main library's collection free of charge and make regional reservations from other Kainet libraries with a reservation fee of 3 euros. You can return material borrowed from the library bus to the main library or other Kainet libraries free of charge. Materials borrowed from other locations can be returned to the library bus free of charge.

Kainuu's first library bus

Kainuu's first library car was purchased in Suomussalmi in 1970. The car replaced 32 branch libraries, which were mainly located near schools. Starting in 1979, two cars were in use, which were renewed in 1985 and 1991. The second library car went out of service in 2007. Ranstakka, which started its journey in January 2022, is the sixth in the order. Follow the library van Ranstakkaa on Facebook! You can also leave messages for the library car via Facebook!

Suggest a new stop for library bus

The schedules of the library bus are made for one year at a time. If it is a long distance from your home to the library or the library bus stop, you can suggest a new stop by contacting the main library or library bus driver. Your suggestions will be taken into account when renewing the schedules. We do not use the information provided in the stop proposal for other purposes.