Payment methods

You can pay with the most debit and credit cards, contactless payment and cash.

Service charges

Booking from the Suomussalmi library €0
Regional reservation from the Kainet library €3/order
Long-distance loan order  €7/order 
Long-distance loan delivery to another library €10/order (this only applies to other library organisations)
Uncollected booking €1 (the material has not been collected within 8 days of sending the arrival notification)

Copies and Printing

Black and white A4 €0.50/paper
Black and white A3 €0.80/paper
Color A4 €1.00/paper
Colored A3 €1.50/paper

Scanning documents is free (For example, using USB stick or sending by E-mail)

Late fees

Unpaid payments accumulate and appear on the loan receipt and in the customer's own information in the Kainet Web Library. You will be banned from borrowing when payments of at least 10 euros have not been paid. Borrowing, renewing or reserving loans is not possible during the borrowing ban.

Every late week/loan €0.50
Maximum payment/loan €4
Return notification €1.50

For example, if you return a book 2 weeks late and you get a notification letter, you get €2.50 fee. (2 x €0.50 + €1.50)

No late fees are charged for children's material and material borrowed from the library bus - though the notification letter expenses will be collected.

Other payments and material fees

New library card €2
Sale of removed material €0.20-10
Cloth bag €3-10

CD case €2/pc
DVD and Bluray case €2/pc
AV material package storage case/bag €6

Replacement of lost or damaged material

You can replace lost or damaged library material by bringing the corresponding material to the library's customer service or by paying a replacement price equal to the value of the material. The lost or damaged material is paid with an invoice. DVD or Blu-ray discs cannot be replaced with discs from the store for copyright reasons. Be in contact with the library regarding compensation matters!

Art Gallery Kieppi

The use of The Art Gallery Kieppi is free of charge, but the exhibitor is responsible for the transport and/or insurance fees and any other expenses related to the exhibition.

Rules of use of the Suomussalmi municipal library from 1 May 2017

Suomussalmi municipal library is part of the Kainet library collection (Kajaani and Kuhmo city libraries, Hyrynsalmi, Paltamo, Puolanga, Suomussalmi and Ristijärvi municipal libraries). The Kainet libraries have a common material and customer register, and you can use your own library card to do business in all libraries in the group. You are committed to complying with these rules of use and any changes made to them when doing business in the library, getting a Library Card or agreeing to be a responsible person. The municipality's right to draw up rules of use for the library is based on the Act on Public Libraries (1492/2016). When shopping at other libraries in the Kainet group, you are subject to the rules of use of that library.

Use of the library's customer facilities and opening hours

The offices of the Suomussalmi municipal library (later library) are open to everyone. Collections, services and customer spaces can be used by anyone who follows the rules of use. The library's opening hours and the schedule of the library car are announced at the library's offices and on the website. The library uses an open wireless data network (WLAN). The network is unprotected and the customer must take care of adequate protections when using it. The library is not responsible for problems caused by the open network, the library's customer terminals, mobile devices provided by the library or other equipment used in the library, nor possible damage to customers. The library has free spaces for organizing events.

Using, borrowing and reserving library materials

A library card is required to borrow materials. You can get the card by proving your identity with a photo ID and stating your contact information, as well as accepting that the library will record the user's personal identification number. Persons under the age of 15 also require the guardian's written consent and the guardian's social security number with recording rights. A commitment from the responsible person is required from the community borrower (school, daycare center, institution or other community). The public library has the right to collect the personal information necessary for customership, and these form the customer register.

The Register Statement of the customer register can be seen in the library and on the website. The library card is personal and the owner or responsible person is responsible for the material borrowed with the library card. The loss of the library card and the change of name and contact information must be reported to the library immediately. The customer is responsible for the material borrowed with the lost card until the loss has been reported to the library. The customer can use the online library with the help of the Pin code and the Library card. The customer gets a pin code by presenting the library card. The pin code is not given by phone or e-mail.

Physical material and e-material are available and can be borrowed in the library. The library is not responsible for the content of borrowed material, the correctness of the information, or the damage it causes to customers. Loan periods are 7, 14 or 28 days. In the library car and home service, you can follow the loan times according to the operation. Movies and games are not lent to customers who do not meet the statutory age limits for the material. The loan can be renewed 5 times, unless there are reservations. Renewal may have restrictions for some material groups.

Materials can be reserved in the library, by phone and through the online library. You will be notified of the reservation to be picked up by text message or email. Booking is free of charge. The reservation must be picked up 8 days after the arrival notice is sent, a fee will be charged for unpicked reservations. If the necessary material is not available in your own library, it can be borrowed from other Kainet libraries in the region or borrowed from other parts of Finland or abroad. Regional loan and long-distance service fees, as well as the fee for an uncollected reservation, are presented in the Fees appendix of the rules of use.

Return and return deadlines

The customer must return the material no later than the due date of the loan. The return is the responsibility of the customer and a receipt can be obtained if desired. When the library is closed, material left in the return hatch is also the customer's responsibility, and loans are returned the next day the library is open. The due dates are indicated in the due date receipt, which the customer receives with the loan. It is possible to receive a due date reminder for loans 1-5 days before the due date by e-mail. The library is not responsible for the delivery of due date reminders. Late fees start to accrue after the due date. The library sends return reminders for overdue material. These fees are indicated in the Fees appendix. Unprocessed payments and compensations are transferred to collection.

Responsibilities of the library user

When doing business in the library, the library user must not cause disturbance to other users of the library or the staff, nor endanger the comfort and safety of the library. The library user is obliged to handle library materials and other property carefully so that they are not damaged.

Free and paid services

The use of the library's own materials, borrowing, reserving, guidance and advice are free of charge for the customer. According to the Fees appendix, the library collects fees for e.g. late returned material, failure to pick up reserved material, delivery of return reminders and invoices, regional and long-distance loans, lost library cards, broken cases and printouts. Lost or damaged material must be replaced by the library's customer service with similar material or by paying a replacement price equal to the value of the material. Image recordings cannot be replaced with similar recordings for copyright reasons.

Borrowing ban

Unpaid payments remain a debt to the customer. Debts exceeding the payment limit automatically cause a loan ban. The customer gets the borrowing right back when he returns the overdue material or when he replaces the lost or damaged material and when he pays the accumulated fees.

Library ban

The director of library operations can issue a temporary, library-specific prohibition of use to the customer (up to 30 days), if the customer, despite notices, repeatedly and substantially causes disruption to the library's operations or endangers its safety or damages the library's property. Before the ban is issued, the customer must be consulted and an official decision is made on the ban, to which the customer can demand correction in accordance with the municipal law.

Suomussalmi municipal library's privacy statements