The project can be described as a one-time set of tasks aiming at clearly set goals in limited time. The project has predefined resources and contributions at its disposal.

Suomussalmi municipality is involved in many projects.

Suomussalmi is currently part-implementer in project "Rethinking North - Ympärivuotisuus matkailun menestystekijäksi".
Rethinking North (ReiNo) -project is a development project implemented in collaboration with municipality of Suomussalmi, Naturpolis Oy (Kuusamo, project lead partner), Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association, Pudasjärvi development Ltd., municipalitys of Taivalkoski and Salla.

The main goals of the project are to increase the year-round tourism in the region as well as attract more international tourists. Additionally, more products and services will be productized especially for the winter season in Suomussalmi. The total project budget in Suomussalmi is 476 250 €, of which 381 000 € is EU-funded and 95 250 € is funded by the municipality.

The duration of the project is from 1st Sep 2023 till 31st of May 2026.

Please contact:

Vitality manager
Jonne Maaninka
tel. +358 40 688 4480