Business services

According to Suomussalmi's municipality strategy, the vitality of municipality comes from bold and proactive development of livelihoods. Also thoughtfully made, productive investments are important. Measures are implemented in cooperation with companies, associations and provincial partners.

Municipality of Suomussalmi wants to be an active partner of local companies. Regular meetings with entrepreneurs are important and meetings have been kept for example over breakfast together.

The tasks of Suomussalmi municipality's work and business services include promoting entrepreneurship, enabling new companies and jobs. Also supporting the growth and development of companies is important to the municipality.

Business services in Suomussalmi municipality support local entrepreneurship by offering free advice, helping with plot and premises arrangements, promoting employee availability and managing projects.

Take a look at the entrepreneur's brochure, clik the picture below

Frontpage of entrepreneur's brochure

For more information, please fee free to contact:

Vitality manager
Jonne Maaninka
tel. +358 40 688 4480

Business coordinator
Anu Komulainen
tel. +358 44 777 3171

Business Kainuu - network of experts for companies

In Suomussalmi, the Business Kainuu -network works to help entrepreneurs in every stage of the company's life cycle. Business Kainuu is a network of business service providers. Network is formed by a wide group of experts from different organizations. The entrepreneur may contact the business expert of his choice and the entrepreneur will be guided to the right information and expert. Via the link below it is possible to read more about services of Business Kainuu and get to know experts in the different fields.