The Musical Forest

The Musical Forest

"Soiva Metsä," or "The Musical Forest," is a unique system of large instruments built in the forest on the Kaunisniemi ridge in Suomussalmi, located approximately half a kilometer from the summer theater on an area of just under a hectare.

Constructed in 1996 at the request of Suomussalmi Municipality's cultural services, the instruments were designed by commercial artist Markku Penttilä, who also planned their installation and placement. The construction and installation of the instruments were carried out by professional instrument builders Pekka Westerholm and Olli Penttilä.

Soiva Metsä has been warmly received by the general public and has gained nationwide recognition through television broadcasts. The forest is a pleasant destination for visitors of all ages, offering both a nature trail and a cultural attraction in one package. Soiva Metsä is accessible for wheelchair users as well.


The Musical Forest is located in Suomussalmi, 110 km north of Kajaani and 145 km south of Kuusamo. You can find The Musical Forest in Kaunisniemi, approximately four kilometers south of Suomussalmi's center. Simply turn from Highway 5 onto Lomakyläntie and continue for about 3 kilometers to the summer theater. From there, you will find signs guiding you to The Musical Forest. There are also signs at the intersection of Highway 5 and along Lomakyläntie to assist you in reaching your destination.