The Silent People

The Silent People

Hiljainen kansa, which translates to "Silent People," consists of around a thousand peat-headed figures located in Käpylä's field along Highway 5, since the summer of 1994. Originally created in 1988 by Reijo Kela for his performance "Ilmarin Kynnös" in Lassila's field near Karhulanvaara, Hiljainen kansa was revived in 1990 when Ilmarin Kynnös was recorded for television. In 1994, the peat-headed figures even appeared on the steps of Helsinki Cathedral as the Kainuu region introduced itself at Senate Square.

The workshop called "Hanslankarit" repairs and outfits Hiljainen kansa twice a year.

During the summer, a meadow cafe operates in connection with the environmental art installation.

Location: Approximately 30 km from the center of Suomussalmi towards Kuusamo, along Highway 5 (Viitostie 547).

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