Home Service and Celia

Home Service

The home service is intended for Suomussalmi residents who, due to old age, illness, disability or other reasons, cannot do business in the library themselves. The support person appointed by the customer delivers the material to the customer. The support person can be a relative, a friend, or another reliable person. The support person does not have to be familiar with the literature, but we help to choose the material according to the customer's preferences. Ask more about home service:

Tel. 044 7773227

e-mail: paakirjasto@suomussalmi.fi

Celia Library

Celia produces audio books for everyone who finds it difficult to read printed text due to visual impairment, illness, dyslexia or other similar reasons. Celia produces and transmits literature in an accessible form – for example, audio books, Braille books and electronic books. Celia's online service already has more than 40,000 audiobooks available directly for your home computer. In order to become a Celia customer, the library does not require a medical certificate, but a verbal notification of the reading disability is sufficient. Celia's operation is financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture and its use is free of charge for borrowers. 

Using Celianet

If you have a reading disability that entitles you to use Celia services, tell the clerk about it. You will be registered as a user of the online service. To use the online service, you need an internet connection and a device: computer, mobile device (e.g. smartphone or iPad)

Celianet's audiobooks can be listened to live streaming or downloaded to a device or memory stick. You can install a listening program on your computer or mobile device with features that make it easier to use the audiobook.

More instructions for using Celianet and listening to audiobooks can be found on Celia's website. The selections include fiction for both adults and young people.