Lend out, Return and Reserve

Library card - The Key to The Library


With a library card, you can borrow library materials, use electronic services and visit the library on your own time. You can get a library card and ID number at any Kainet library. You can use your library card in all Kainet member libraries. The card is free of charge. You can get a library card by presenting a photo ID and stating your contact information. At the same time, you agree that the library will record your personal identification number. For example, a passport, driver's license or an identity card issued by the police can be used as proof of identity. If you are under 15 years old, you need the guardian's written consent and the guardian's personal identification number for the library card. Please remember that you are responsible for the material borrowed with your card. The guardian is responsible for material borrowed with a library card of a child under 15 years old. You can already fill out and print the card application from the following links:

Library card application 

Application for children  (under 15 years)  

PIN Number

The PIN number is a four-digit password attached to the library card, which allows you to access e.g.

  • eLibrary
  • Kainet Web Library
  • Loan machine
  • Selfservice hours

You can get an PIN number from the library's customer service. We do not give out PIN number by phone or e-mail.

Help, my library card is lost!

If your library card is lost, please report it to the library. If your library card is lost, you are responsible for the material borrowed with your card until you have reported the loss of your card to the library. In place of a lost or broken card, you will receive a new card for a fee according to the price list. Bring ID with you when you need a new library card.

Changed contact information

Contact us if your contact information (name, address, phone, email) changes. Updating the information is important so that the mails and e-mails we send go to the correct addresses. The library does not receive your changed contact information from any national information systems. You can update your contact information in the online library, customer service desk at the library, by calling or by e-mail. A name change can only be done by proving identity at the library's customer service.

Lending out

To lend out, you need a Kainet library card. You can access the main library's lending machine when you have PIN number attached to your library card. You can renew your loan in the online library 5 times, unless there are no reservations for the loans. The exception is quick and hobby item loans, which cannot be renewed. Loan renewals can also be requested by phone or email. The library is not responsible for the content of lended out material, the correctness of the information, or the damage it causes to customers. We do not lend movies and games to customers who do not meet the statutory age limits for material.


  • Books and Audiobooks 4 weeks
  • New books in the reservation queue 2 weeks
  • Magazines 4 weeks
  • CDs 4 weeks
  • DVD and Blu-ray 2 weeks
  • Console games 2 weeks
  • Quick loan 7 days
  • Hobby item 7 days (power drill, snow shoes, sewing machine etc.)

In the library bus, the loan period is always at least the length of the scheduled stops, which is usually 2 to 3 weeks. 



You can return material lended out from the Suomussalmi library free of charge to all Kainet library locations, and material borrowed from other Kainet libraries to the Suomussalmi library.

Returning is the customer's responsibility and you will receive a receipt from the librarian if you wish. You can also return the material to the return hatch outside the main door. Please note that we return loans left through the hatch on the next day the library is open.

You can receive a due date reminder by e-mail 1-5 days before the due date. Sometimes emails don't arrive due to a technical problem, or they might end up in your email's spam folder. The library is not responsible for the arrival of the e-mail.

So please remember that you are responsible for renewing your loans, returning them and any payments.

Making a reservation

You can reserve the material of all Kainet libraries either as a self-service in the Kainet online library, by phone, e-mail or at the service desk. You will receive a notification about the reservation to be picked up by text message or email. Reserving Suomussalmi library materials is free of charge. Quick loans and hobby items cannot be reserved.

If you cannot find the material you want in our collections, you can make a regional reservation at another Kainet library. If the material cannot be found in any Kainet library, you can make an interlibrary loan request.

Seutuvaraus- ja kaukolainamaksut

Picking up reservations on your own

You can pick up your reservation from the main library at the reservation desk next to the service desk. When picking up the reservation, you need the reservation number in the arrival notification. You can borrow your reservation either at the machine or at the library's customer service desk. Please pick up your reservation 8 days after the arrival notice is sent, because we charge a fee for unpicked reservations. Long-distance loans can only be picked up from the service desk when the staff is present.

Notifications and payments

For material returned after the due date, we charge a daily late fee. We also charge a fee for sending a return request. Unprocessed payments and compensations are transferred to collection. See the Fees page for detailed information on the library's various fees.

Payment limit

Debts exceeding the payment limit automatically cause a loan ban. You get your borrowing right back when you pay the accumulated fees and when you return the overdue material.