Employment and business services

Employment and business services

The aim of employment and business services is to support, promote and develop the operating conditions of companies in such a way that current companies remain viable and the municipality receives new companies, residents and a skilled workforce. Vitality services consist of business, tourism and employment services. Rural services and development of villages are also part of the vitality services. In addition, the employees of tourism services are responsible for the reservations and arrangements of the remote workspace of the municipality. In addition to the permanent staff, numerous summer employees work in tourism services every year, and employees are needed all year round in the employment service center Miilu. Various projects also employ a varying number of employees in vitality services every year.

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Contact information

Vitality manager
Jonne Maaninka
tel. +358 40 688 4480

Business coordinator
Anu Komulainen
tel. +358 44 777 3171

Employment specialist,
manager of employment service center Miilu
Miia Moilanen
tel. +358 44 777 3126

Employment counselor
Outi Karjalainen
tel. +358 29 503 9066

Employment counselor
Stiina Lassila-Kiljunen
tel. +358 29 503 9068

Employment counselor (foreign customers)
Riikka Paasimaa
tel. +358 29 503 9008

Employment counselor
Kaija Seppänen
tel. + 358 44 777 3156
[Rehabilitation dogs Taavo and Teppo]

Supervisor, employment service center Miilu
Mika Kovalainen
tel. +358 44 777 3128

Supervisor, employment service center Miilu
Jessica Niemelä
tel. +358 44 777 3127

Tourism expert
Joonas Borén
tel. +358 44 777 3170

Tourist office/Visit Suomussalmi
Jalonkaarre 5
89600 Suomussalmi
tel. +358 44 777 3250

Tourism advisor
Anna-Leena Järvinen
tel. +358 44 777 3141