Employment services

Employment services of Suomussalmi municipality offer support and guidance for job seekers and employers. Collaborative network between employers, entrepreneurs, organizations, associations, other municipalities in Kainuu and educational institutions are important part of the development of the vital working life in Suomussalmi. 

Main goal in the employment services is to promote the employment of long-term unemployed job seekers in the open labor market, enhance skills and competence through individual coaching, recoqnition of prior learning, work trials, apprenticeship training and distance learning. One of the tasks is to support employers in finding suitable employees among job seekers of Suomussalmi and also among the workforce coming from elsewhere outside of Suomussalmi.

In 2025 there will be significant reforms in employment services in Suomussalmi when employment services are transferred in their entirety from the state to the responsibility of the municipality.