Additional instructions

Please check the product at home before donating it to Miilu. The product should be clean, intact and suitable for sale.

For example, you are responsible for the safety of electronic devices that you donate.

We will always and without exception make the final decision for taking the product, after seeing it ourselves at the store.

We will not accept the product if it

  • has been exposed to cigarette smoke or indoor air problems
  • has been kept in a cold warehouse or storage
  • is faulty
  • is worn out
  • is made from chipboard
  • is stained
  • has been swollen from air humidity
  • is fuzzy or covered in animal hair

If the product fits into one point on the list above, please recycle it by other means. Also consider before donating the product to Miilu, if you would buy the item yourself or gift it to a friend in that condition.

For more detailed information about donating to Miilu you can ask the staff members at the store, or by reading the Finnish instructions here.