Recycling store

Recycling store

Its great that recycling interest you. We are a recycling shop in the Miilu work centre run by Suomussalmi municipality.

You can donate goods that are intact, clean and in good condition to Miilu. 
Bring the item you wish to donate to the shop staff. Be prepared for a possible condition check of the item.

You are always welcome to offer a product on the spot. You can also send us a photo of the product and tell us about any "problems" with it.
This can help us to avoid an unnecessary visit. However, we will aways make the final decision after seeing the product ourselves.

Please check the product before you offer it to us. We also recommend that you read the additional instructions when considering recycling through Miilu.
There you can see which products you should recycle through other channels.

By donating and buying our products you support the employment of people in suomussalmi and take care of the environment.