Water activities

Finland is a canoeing paradise. Its hundreds of thousands of lakes and
connecting waterways offer ideal opportunities for water activities.
Canoeing is an excellent way to get in touch with nature.

Hossa National Park, located near the border of Russia in the municipality of
Suomussalmi, is one of the best canoeing areas in Finland. Its suitable for
beginners and experienced canoeists alike, with connections to the Julma-Ölkky
area in Kuusamo, which is the starting point for one route. Hossa National Park is about 100 km
from Ämmänsaari, the municipal centre, and 200 km from Oulu. Another
canoeing route exists in Ylivuokki, in the Eastern part of Suomussalmi.

Most of the facilities available to canoeists are also intended for the use of
hikers and fishermen. In Hossa alone there are over 40 sites – Lapp tents,
shelters, camping areas and fireplaces – as well as cabins. Map of the
routes and the services and attractions in Hossa and Ylivuokki as well as
other parts of Suomussalmi and Kainuu region is available in the website
of Kainuu outdoors map.

Come to Hossa National Park and enjoy its clear waters and peaceful nature!

Except for the initial river strech, this route is mainly easy and passes through varying lake scenery, with small rapids and straits in between. In low water the route is best suited for plastic canoes.

This route begins on the western shore of iso Ahvenlahti Bay on Lake Iijärvi. In low water canoeing is not possible on the Iikoski Rapids. At other times the initial strech of the rapids should be checked out first from shore.

The river Peranganjoki, which starts at Lake Iso-Perankajärvi, is slightly less than 15 km long. It includes 13 rapids of class I-II+ and a few smaller rapids. The rapids are relatively narrow and generally winding. Canoeing is possible in low water but only in plastic canoes because of the possibility of touching bottom and sharp rocks.

The river Hossanjoki is 30 km long. It has been improved for boating and fishing purposes. Most of the rapids (class I-II+) are on the river’s initial strech over a distance of about 7 km. Beginning canoeists should first study rapids from the shore and if necessary float their canoes using a rope. In the dry season plastic canoes should be used because of the possibility of touching bottom.

A canoeing guide of Hossa water routes (5 €) can be bought from Suomussalmi Tourist Office and the tourism companies operating in Hossa.

More information about water routes in Hossa and nearby it.

Ylivuokki canoeing route is 20 kilometers long and consists of narrow lakes connected with each others with small rapids/streams in the Ylivuokki recreational area. You can start at many different points and canoe as you like. There is no guide book available, so you have to study carefully the rapids and streams by your own.

Diving in Hossa
Divers will enjoy the diving base of Hossa. The waters are very clear and the depth is nearly 40 meters. One can also dive and fish in Hossa. A base for divers, where they can change gear for example, is located on the shore of Lake Öllöri.

Hossa Holiday Center, Camping Hossan Lumo, Loma-Hossa, Karhunkainalo Camping/Experience KL Oy and Paasovaara Holiday Cottages offer accommodation and programme services in Hossa area. They also provide you with more information about water travelling.