moottorikelkkasafari, Hossa, Suomussalmi

Suomussalmi has about 350 kilometers of maintainedsnowmobile routes.
A permit is required to use snowmobile tracks on state land. Permits are
provided by the Finnish Forest and Park Service (Metsähallitus) and are
valid throughout the country. Permission must always be obtained to go
snowmobiling on private land. Snowmobilers use tracks at their own risk.
In The Hossa Hiking Area snowmobiles may not leave marked tracks even
on the ice. There are rental cabins, fireplaces, shelters and wilderness huts
along routes. Wilderness huts are intended for the use of skiers, hikers,
boaters and canoesists.

Snowmobile routes in Suomussalmi and the whole Kainuu region can be
seen in the Kainuu outdoors map.

More information of accommodation services can be found here.