Lipposensalmi, Hossa, Suomussalmi

Hossa Hiking Area


Path of Jumalissärkkä


Path of Kokkojärvi and Teerinen


Martinselkonen Nature Preserve Area


Metsola Nature Trail




Path of Pesiökylä


Saarikylä Nature Trail


Path of Saarisuo


Paths in Seitenahveninen


Path of Säynäjäsuo


Suomussalmi has various hiking paths and nature trails. The most significant of these are Hossa National Park – National Park in 2017, Martinselkonen nature preservation area and Murhisalo. These areas are connected with the Eastern Boarder Hiking Trail (Itärajan retkeilyreitti) which is 162 km long. Maps and additional information of all the trails in Suomussalmi as well as in the whole Kainuu region can be found in the website of Kainuu outdoors map.