pilkillä Martinselkosessa, Suomussalmi, helmikuu

Ten percent of the Suomussalmi area is water which equals to over a 1000 lakes and ponds, not to mention the amount of rivers and streams. The municipality has various places for trolling, fly and lure fishing as well as winter fishing. On the website of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is available information about the permits required for fishing. Suomussalmi has two recreational fishing areas, they are Hossa recreational fishing area, also known as the fisherman’s paradise and Yli-Vuokki recreational fishing area.
Maps of Suomussalmi area can be found in the website of Kainuu outdoors map.


Located in almost an uninhabited area of Suomussalmi, Ylivuokki’s area of small lakes, streams and rapids start from the Russian Karelia. In Ylivuokki the fisherman can measure his skills on wilderness rapids and on clear Pond Taivallampi. The upper part of the area is reserved for fly fishers.
One lisence permits the use of 2 rods and lines. Harpoon fishing is forbidden. The contingency of catch is one salmon or migratory sea trout/ 3 hour permit, 3 salmon or migratory sea trout/24 hour permit and 3 salmon or migratory sea trout/a day/a week permit. Whitefish is not counted into the contingency.
There are four Wild North’s (Villi Pohjola) cottages in Yli-Vuokki recrational fishing area: Saapaskoski cottage, Paasonkoski cottage, Juurikkaniva cottage and Tärppitupa cottage.


Hossa recreational fishing area is one of the best of its kind in Finland. It is located in the Northeast part of Suomussalmi. There are numerous clearwater ponds and lakes of various sizes as well as long stretches of rivers concealing rainbow trout, brown trout, whitefish and grayling as well as perch and pike. In the River Hossanjoki one may catch large trout swimming upstream from Lake Kiantajärvi.
Hossa area has a wide range of services offered by Hossa Holiday Centre, Karhunkainalo Camping/Experience KL Oy, Camping Hossan Lumo, Loma-Hossa, Kainuun Luontoretket, Villa Kelotupa and Paasovaara Holiday Cottages. Also Wild North (Villi Pohjola) has accommodation and programme services in Hossa.
Here you can find some other accommodation and programme services.