Kylänmäki Memorial

The Suomussalmi-Kuusamo road formed the Soviets’ northern line of attack and maintenance channel. When on 28th December 1939 the Soviet forces began to withdraw from Suomussalmi village back towards Juntusranta some used the road while the rest marched up the frozen surface of Lake Kiantajärvi. The Finnish Sixth Bicycle Battalion succeeding in blocking the road at Konttimäki in Kylänmäki and thus prevented the Soviets from retreating northwards.

A plaque on the monument bears the text:
“At this site the retreat of enemy forces was prevented on the last days of 1939.
This stone was brought from Satakunta and erected by the Sixth Bicycle Battalion”.

The monument was erected in 1958.

The location of the memorial can be seen on the Kainuu outdoors map.
Street address: Veikkolantie 115, Suomussalmi