Hulkonniemi Memorial

The area of Hulkonniemi, close to the centre of Suomussalmi village, saw fierce battles during the period 12.-28.12.1939 in which the Finnish forces regained territory. Finnish infantry forces repeatedly attacked the numerically superior Soviet force which had established itself at the end of the Hulkoniemi headland. The Finns suffered heavy losses. However, on 28th December 1939 the Soviets suddenly abandoned the area and began to withdraw along a road made across the frozen surface of Lake Kiantajärvi towards Juntusranta. This monument tells of the heavy fighting which took place in the area.

The text on the plaques state:
“Hulkonniemi 1939
On behalf of Finland and Suomussalmi
Comrades-in-arms of Hulkonniemi”

The monument was erected in 1998.

The location of the memorial can be seen on the Kainuu outdoors map.
Street address: Veikkolantie 18, Suomussalmi