Hossa Reindeer Park

On the authentic reindeer farm is a lapp tent style café and restaurant for 70-80 persons that treats customers with meals made of reindeer. Fully licensed. In the restaurant you can learn more about reindeer herding from the materials, items and pictures that are on display. You can also watch a video called “Lapin Poro” (Reindeer of Lapland), duration 10 min. Reindeer products, hides and souveniers are for sale.
Year round.
15.6.-30.9. every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
At other times by agreement.
On the reindeer farm it is also possibility to get aquainted with the reindeer close by in the pen, learn more about reindeer herding and try leading, feeding and lassoing the reindeer as well as go on a reindeer ride.