Recreational Spa Kiannon Kuohut

Kylpylä Kiannon Kuohut

The recreational spa Kiannon Kuohut is surrounded by beautiful nature, but still close to the services of the busy town centre. The renovated spa and gym offers recreation for both body and mind all through the year.

The spa area provides a 25-m long swimming pool with four tracks for keep-fit swimming, a safe children’s pool with two slides, as well as a water massage pool, a whirlpool and a cold water pool. In addition to the traditional Finnish saunas, also a herbal steam sauna is available. If you like to swim in natural water, there is a beautiful river right next to the spa where you can swim all year round, which means that you also have a possibility for winter swimming.

The spa lobby houses a ball pool for the children to enjoy, a café, iWall exergaming product and a Free Wifi. Right from the corner of the spa building, you can start off to a hiking track and in the winter to a well tended ski track with lights. On the other side of the spa, there is the children’s playground and exercising area Humula.

At the spa, you can book a time to a golf simulator where you can have a unique golf experience everyday of the year. Frisbee golf frisbees are also available for renting at the cashdesk of the spa for a game at the nearby outdoor frisbee golf course by the lake.