Book Bus Riika

From book bus you can find various collection of books, magazines, audiobooks, music and movies. The bus is driven mainly in sparsely populated areas and there are approximately 150 bus stops. Riika drives regularly also to schools and kindergartens located in population centers.

The book bus drives the same route in every 2 or 3 weeks. The loan period varies depending on Riika’s schedule.


Tel. 044-0284441


The bus stops are marked to the map. You can find their corresponding routes and timetables from the current schedule 2019-2020.

You can place a hold on item for free when it belongs to Suomussalmi library. You can also place a hold on materials of other Kainet libraries at the fee of 3 euros. You can return the items borrowed from Riika to the main library or to other Kainet libraries free of charge. You can also return the items borrowed from other Kainet libraries to Riika.

The first mobile library of Kainuu region

The first Book Bus of Kainuu Region was purchased to Suomussalmi in 1970. The book bus replaced 32 branch libraries that were mostly located near schools. Since 1979 there were two book buses in use and they were renewed in 1985 and 1991. Other book bus was removed from traffic in 2007. Riika is Suomussalmi municipality’s fifth book bus and it is still in use.