Self Service Library

You can visit our library outside of the actual staff opening hours

During self-service hours you can borrow material from a borrowing machine, pick up reservations, read magazines, use computers and for example spend time.

The staff is not present at the self-service time, so it is not possible to create a new library card, pay the fees or print.

To use a self-service library you need a library card of Kainet library and PIN -code

The PIN code is the same as the one used in the online library and at the borrowing machine. You will receive the PIN code from the staff.

The guardian of the child customer under the age of 15 has to apply for a permission for the child customer to use a self-service library. The guardian is also responsible for the child customer’s use of the library.

Every person entering self-service library needs to log in

At the start of the self-service time the customer must leave the library and log in as a client with a library card and a PIN number.

Children can come with their parents without signing up.

Please note that the logged-in customer is responsible for the behavior of both his / her own and for the other customers he / she lets into the library. The customer is also liable to compensate for any damage.

Users of the self-service library indent to obey the rules of the Suomussalmi Municipal Library and to maintain the cleanliness and order of the library.

At the end of the self-service hours you must leave from the library immediately

For example the use of a self-service library may be prevented due to interference behavior.

The library has a recording camera surveillance system, which use is governed by the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

In case of problems contact the staff

Technical problems can only be solved when staff is present.

In case of property problems the municipal emergency number is 044-0344305.

In case of emergency call 112.