Library card and pin code

Library card – key to the services

The library card allows you to borrow library’s materials, use electronic services and visit the library on self-service hours.

You can get your library card and access code from any Kainet library and you can also use your library card in any Kainet library. First card is free.

To get a library card you have to show your photo ID and announce your contact information. At the same time you accept that library saves your personal identity number. To prove your identity you need for example a passport, a driving license or an ID card given by police.

If you are under 15 years old you will need a written consent and the personal identity number of your guardian to get a library card. The privacy statement of the Kainet libraries’ customer register is also available in the library.

Remember that you are responsible of the material that is borrowed on your card. The guardian is responsible for her/his child’s loans, when the child is under 15 years old.

PIN -code

The four-digit PIN code is attached with your library card. You need it to access, for example:

  • e-materials
  • online library
  • borrowing machine
  • self-service library

You get the PIN -code from library’s customer service. We will not give access codes by phone or email.

Help, I lost my library card!

If your library card disappears, please let the library know immediately by calling or e-mailing the library (tel. 044-777 3227 or paakirjasto (at)

If your library card disappears, you are responsible for the materials borrowed with your card until you announce the library that your library card is lost.

To replace a lost or broken card you will receive a new card with a fee according to the library’s price list.