Service fees

Reservation from Suomussalmi Library 0 €

Regional reservation from Kainet Library 3 € / order

Interlibrary loan order from Finland 5 € / order

Unreclaimed reservation 1 € (material not reclaimed within 8 days from arrival notification)

Other payments

New library card 2 €

Copies / prints 0.30 €

Sale of removed materials 0.20-10 €

Plastic bag 0,20 € Poistetaanko tieto?

You can pay with cash or with the most common bank and credit cards.

Overdue payments

Unpaid payments accrue and appear in the receipt and in the database in customer information. When there are at least 10 euros outstanding payments there will be a ban on borrowing. In a loan ban there is not possible to borrow, renew or reserve loans.

Overdue payments do dot accrue from the material borrowed from children’s department or from the book bus.

Starting week / loan 0.50 €

Maximum charge / loan 4 €

Return request / 1,50 € per time

Material fees

CD case 2 € / pcs.

DVD and Bluray case 2 € / pcs.

AV material package’s storage case / bag 6 €

Replacing lost or damaged materials

You can replace the lost or damaged material by bringing the equivalent material to the library’s customer service or by paying a replacement price corresponding to the value of the material. The material to be replaced is paid by a bill. For copyright reasons the image recordings cannot be replaced by corresponding recordings.

Please be in touch with the library in compensation issues!