Borrow, return, reserve

Lending out

You need a library card for borrowing. You will be able to use the main library’s loan machine when you have a PIN code attached to your library card.

You can renew loans 5 times if there are no reservations. Exceptions are quick loans that cannot be renewed. Loan renewal can be requested by phone (tel. 044 777 3227) or by email ( You can also renew loans by yourself in the digital library.

The library is not responsible for the contents of the loaned material or for the accuracy of the information or for the damage caused to the customers. We do not lend out movies or games for customers who do not meet statutory age limits.

Term of a loan

  • Books and audiobooks 4 weeks
  • Quick loans 1 week
  • Reserved new books 2 weeks
  • Magazines 2 weeks
  • DVDs 2 weeks
  • CDs 4 weeks


You can return your loans in any Kainet library.

Overdue loans

Loans returned after the due date leads to a fee.

Banned from loaning

If you have too much unpaid fees and/or overdue loans, you must return your loans and pay the fees to be able to borrow material.


You can reserve material for free from your local library. If you want to order material from another libraries, there’s a fee.