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Varisköngäs Waterfall

Approximately 10 km away from Suomussalmi Center towards Puolanka
is located Varisköngäs, a 20 meter high waterfall. Especially during the
spring and autumn floods, this waterfall is a handsome site worth visiting.

The waterfall can be reached by car or by the Varisjärvi hiking trail.
Driving instructions: drive 6,5 km from the Suomussalmi Center
along road 892 towards Puolanka. Turn left from the junction that
says "AITTOKOSKI" and drive about 1 km until you see another sign
"VARISKÖNGÄS" next to the road. From there a 1 km long hiking trail
leads to the waterfall.

Approximate coordinates:
North coordinate: 35 85 105
East coordinate: 71 95 229