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Churches and tsasounas

Näljänkä church
The church is consecrated in 1981 and designed by Architect
Esko Laitinen. The church seats 100 persons.

Street address: Näljängäntie 46, Suomussalmi

Ruhtinansalmi church
The church is consecrated in 1968 and designed by Architect
Esko Laitinen. The church seats 180 visitors.

Street address: Pappilantie 1, Suomussalmi

Vuokki church
consecrated 1954. Built as designed by the architects' office of
Lappi-Seppälä ja Martas Oy. The church is located on the beautiful
Hirsiniemi peninsula on the southern coast of lake Vuokkijärvi.
The church seats 100 visitors.

Street address: Keskisentie 8, Suomussalmi

Suomussalmi church
Consecrated 1950. Designed by Architect J.E. Ermala.
About 2/3 of the building costs paid by American Lutherans.
There is an Altar Al Secco painting by Mr. Bruno Tuukkanen,
picturing some events of Jesus life on earth, and also a glass
painting in the baptismal chapel.

A Walker&Co. 24-reg. type organ dates back to 1950.
The bells in the belfry are from Kurkijoki parish in Karelia
(ceded to the Soviet Union in the peace process).
The pulpit and the wood carvings in the pedestal to the
baptismal font and also the statue of the apostle by the
main entrance are all creations of Mr. Jooseppi Manninen,
an artist born in Suomussalmi. The church seats 650 persons.

Street address: Salmentie 1, Suomussalmi

Ämmänsaari church
Consecrated 1967. Designed by the company Suunnittelu Oy
Niemelä. There is a 14-reg. type organ installed in 1968, made
by the company Tuomi ja Kumpp. Urkurakentamo. The church
seats 300 persons.

Street address: Kirkkokuja 1, Suomussalmi

Holy Cross Orthodox Chapel
Located in the Suomussalmi center, this chapel was built
in 1982-83. Outside is the statue of the mourner.

Street address: Keskuskatu 1, Suomussalmi

Saint Nicholas Orthodox chapel
Located in the Kuivajärvi village, Saint Nicholas Orthodox
chapel was built 1958.

Food and accommodation services available on request in Domnan Pirtti.

Street address: Kuivajärventie 196 A, Suomussalmi