Inn Kuutamo

In the Suomussalmi center. Location on the map.

Open: Year round

Bed & Breakfast:

1 room for 2 persons
2 rooms for 3 persons
3 rooms for 4 persons
Toilet and shower on the corridor.
Cooking facilities and a living room.
Wireless Internet connection

No pets allowed!

45 €/a day/a bed
65 €/a day/room for 1 person
79 €/a day/room for 2 persons
90 €/a day/room for 3 persons
100 €/a day/room for 4 persons
110 €/a day/room for 5 persons

Price includes breakfast, bed linen, shower and sauna.

Use of caravan electricity outlet 6 €/a day

Dinner and other meals by request.

Outdoor activities:
Spa Kiannon Kuohut 0,5 km, good possibilities for hiking just around the corner.

Matkustajakoti Kuutamo (Inn Kuutamo)
Kiannonkatu 6 C, FI-89600 Suomussalmi
Tel. +358 (0)50 4622 066