Cottage Romppala

About 7 km to the west of the Suomussalmi center, along road 892 (Kyröntie) towards Puolanka. On the shore of Lake Varisjärvi. The owner's house is situated on the right side of the road, where you can receive the keys and guidance to the cottage. Location on the map.

Open: Year round.

Insulated log cabin constructed in 1997. Floor space 53,5 m2, living space 56 m2.
Combined kitchen and living room with 1 bed, bedroom with double bed, attic with 4 beds, toilet, bathroom, sauna and terrace.
Electric light, heating and cooker, refrigerator/freezer, microwave oven, coffee-maker, water pipe, set of dishes, TV, DVD, hot water container, sewage draining system, washing machine, fireplace, toilet, shower. Barbecue shed with a fireplace, wood-burning sauna. Boat.

50 €/1 persons/a day + 10 €/additional person/a day,
children under 15 years 5 €/person/a day

330 € /1 persons/a week + 60 €/additional person/a week,
children under 15 years 30 €/person/a week

Bed linen 10 €/person.
Customer will have to clean the cottage before leaving, otherwise an additional fee for the cleaning the cottage after leaving is 50 €.

Outdoor activities:
Good possibility for hiking, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, Kiannon Kuohut Spa 7 km. Varisjärvi hiking trail 0,5 km, Haverinen skiing center 2 km, snowmobile trail 1 km. Beach. Ukkohalla alpine skiing center 35 km, Paljakka 50 km.

Nearby services:
Shop, post, bank, restaurant, gas station 7 km, Kajaani 110 km.

Cottage Romppala (Romppalan mökki)
Address: Kyröntie 67, FI-89600 Suomussalmi
Tel: + 358 (0)50 366 5445, (0)400 513 636