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Alassalmi Holiday Cottages

In Piispajärvi village, 55 km north of the Suomussalmi center, along highway E 63 (5). Location on the map.

Period of tenancy: June 15 - October 31

Cottage Rantapirtti:

Constructed in 1986, insulated log cabin, floor space 90 m2, living space 70 m2. Combined living room and kitchen 49 m2, with 4 beds, sleeping room 21 m2, with 3 beds, sauna, washroom, dressing room, terrace. Electric light, heating and cooker, wood-burning stove, fireplace, refrigerator, water pipe, warm and cold water, set of dishes, microwave oven, sewage draining system, outdoor toilet, washing machine, boat. Sauna: wood-burning stove, water pipe, shower, electric light.

80 €/a day/2 persons + 20 €/a day/additional person

Cottage Teerelä (wildernesscabin):

Constructed in 1993, insulated log cabin, floor space 38 m2. On the shore of Lake Hyväjärvi, 58 km north of the Suomussalmi center, along highway E 63 (5).
Room, bedroom with 5 beds, balcony, sauna.Gas stove, gas refrigerator, set of dishes, outdoortoilet, boat.

60 €/a day/2 persons+ 10 €/a day/additional person

Cottage Evakkotupa:

Constructed in 1940, log cabin, floor space 30 m2, (50 m from the owner's house) on the shore of the Lake Piispajärvi, peaceful place. Bedroom with 3 beds, sauna, dressing room. Electric light and cooker with 2 plates, wood-burning stove, refrigerator, set of dishes, fireplace, outdoor toilet, water to the sauna from the lake, drinking water from the owner`s house, boat.

60 €/a day/2 persons + 10 €/a day/additional person

Nearby services:

Beach, bus stop 0,3 km, shop 0,3 km, restaurant 35 km, Hossa National Park 35 km, possibilities for fishing, boating, berry picking, skiing (illuminated ski track), snowmobile, fishing permits for sale.

Alassalmi Holiday Cottages (Alassalmen Erämökit)
Viitostie 805, FI-89760 Piispajärvi
Tel. +358 (0)400 300 552

E-mail: petri.t.luukkonen(at)gmail.com