Kiantajärvi Camping

4 km to the east from Suomussalmi center, on the shore of Lake Kiantajärvi. Location on the map.

Open: June 16 - August 31

Camping site:
Places for 200 tents and caravans.
Electrical outlets and draining pool for caravans.
Covered cooking and dish washing facilities with warm water.
There are also toilets and hot showers.
Both the well. Both the well and the lake water in this area are clear and usable.
Wood-burning sauna.
The area is guarded and lighted.
Washing machine.
A kiosk sells food supplies and there is a swimming beach in the area.

Camping fee 14 €/a day+ 3 €/person
Use of caravan electricity outlet 5 €/a day
Sauna 15 €/an hour
Bed linen 6 €/person

Cottage for 2 persons:
3 cottages with two beds. They are equipped with electric heating and light.
Price: 28 €/a day
Sauna 15 €/an hour
Bed linen 6 €/person

Cottage for 4 persons:
4 cottages with four beds (equipped with electric heating, light, mini-kitchen with set of dishes and toilet).
Price: 50 €/a day
Sauna 15 €/an hour
Bed linen 6 €/person

Outdoor activities:

Kiantajärvi Camping/Kiantajärven Leirintä Oy
Address: Juntusrannantie 24, FI-89600 Suomussalmi
Tel: +358 (0)440 711 209
E-mail & www: