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How about moving here?

You and your family would definitely enjoy living here and spending some quality time. We can offer you versatile recreational opportunities throughout the year – and we have four real seasons. Your children will have a safe environment to grow up in and the creative atmosphere in this animated community gives you and your family roots and wings.

Our municipality has for sale plots both in the population centre as well as in the scenic surroundings near waterways. Suomussalmi offers your company a successful operational environment. We provide you with labour force that can be trained specifically for you company. We offer consultation services and help with organizing the premises. We can offer you industrial and business plots as well as cheap and available premises for your use. Our well-established municipality guarantees quick and flexible decision making.

Are you interested in entrepreneurship in Suomussalmi?

Are you looking for a business partner from Suomussalmi?

Would you like to move here?

Are you looking for a specific business or service in Suomussalmi?

Please, contact me! I can answer your questions in Finnish and English.

Hannu Leinonen
+358 44 777 3175

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