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Ämmänsaari Youth Hall

Kiannonkatu 31-33
89600 Suomussalmi
tel +358 (0)8- 6155 5783

Open Mon – Fri 12.00- 20.00
Sat and Sun closed


The Youth Hall café is open during the opening hours of the Youth Hall.

The café offers tea, coffee, soft drinks, sweets, buns and pizza slices.
You can watch tv, play games, read papers, and use the Internet at the café.

You can make an order for coffee and buns for a lecture or a meeting, and book a room at the hall in the café.
Orders and bookings in the café phone number +358 (0)8- 61 55 5783.

Band Practise Room

The band practise room offers a training facility for local bands. The facility has many kinds of equipment and instruments available for bands, such as drums, a bass, a guitar, a synthesizer, and amps. There is also recording equipment in the band room, such as Mackie 24 channel mixer, effect rack, and microphones. It is possible for the local bands to record their demos in the band room.

It is possible to rent the sound reproducers for organising local events or for a school disco, for instance.
You can book a time for practise by coming around or by calling the café, tel +358 (0)8- 6155 5783.

During autumn 2013, the band room will be redecorated and new instruments will be purchased.

Meeting Rooms

At the Youth Hall, you can rent meeting rooms for organising diverse events, such as training and courses, clubs, associations, private functions, and events.

Rents of the Meeting and Training rooms from Aug 1, 2013

Short events by the hour and events of 1 to 3 days
• youth organisations and youth activitity groups 0 €
• other local organisations 6 €/hour
• companies and diverse local associations 9 €/hour

Events of 4 days or more
• 36 €/ day, 170/week, 660 €/month.

Private functions (weddings, birthdays, etc.) the whole building in use
• 120€/function

Booking of rooms in the youth café +358 (0)8- 6155 5783