It is possible to order material from libraries outside the Kainuu region only if the material has not been purchased for the collections of Suomussalmi Library Services. For the regional loan from the Kainet Libraries in the Kainuu region, the customer is charged a postal fee of 3 €/order. For materials ordered from elsewhere in Finland, a postal fee of 5 €/order is charged. Of materials sent outside our own region, 8 € /order is charged. The material of the local collection and course books are not given out in distance loans.


Home service is meant for those inhabitants of Suomussalmi who, due to high age, illness, handicap or other reason cannot themselves come to the library. The support person, appointed by the customer – it can be a family member, a friend or another reliable person – will deliver the material to the customer. The library will select the material according to the customer’s liking.

More information:
Librarian Liisa Kinnunen tel +358 (0)44-7773227


The library personnel will give guidance in using the library, if necessary will make information searches and teaches information searching skills. At the customer computer interfaces at the library, you can browse the joint net library of the Kainet libraries (Suomussalmi, Hyrynsalmi, Kajaani, Kuhmo, Paltamo, Puolanka, Ristijärvi, Vuolijoki).


On the information forum customer interfaces, you can read your e-mail, search information independently, surf in the net, do official business, use office programs and PaintShop Photo Pro x3 image processing software and the scanner connected to the interfaces for free. At the Kirkonkylä library, customer interfaces are available with office programs. It is also possible to use the Internet at the customer interface of the travelling library.
Also the ePress service and PressDisplay service are available for you. By means of the ePress service, you can read almost a hundred domestic newspapers.
The PressDisplay service includes about 1700 papers as electric facsimiles from almost a hundred different countries in about 50 different languages.


Art gallery Kieppi – changing exhibitions
Ilmari Kianto exhibition
Local archive
Digitalization desk – transferring of VHS and VHS-C casettes to DVD discs.
At all libraries, there is a possiblity for independent use of a sphygmomanometer.