Opening hours of the gym from Sep 1, 2013 onwards

Monday and Saturday 12.00-21.00
Tuesday – Friday 08.00-21.00
Sunday 10.00-18.00

For those who have bought a serial or season pass, from Sep 1, 2013 onwards

Monday 12.00-22.00
Tuesday –Sunday 06.00-22.00

Come and get familiar with the new access pass system of our renovated gym.

This is how you use the gym access pass:

1. Pay the entrance fee for the gym at the ticket office where you get an access pass.
2. When going to the gym, hold your pass on top of the detector which is located beside the gym door. Then the door will open. The pass must be shown to the detector even if the door is open.
3. In the locker room, you can choose which ever locker you wish. The keys are in the doors.
4. To leave the gym, hold your access pass on top of the detector. When the green arrow points downwards, drop the card in the slot located in the detector. With the serial and season passes, the green arrow will point to the door. Hold the serial or season pass on top of the detector and the door will open.
5. The door will open automatically.

Recording electronic surveillance is in use at the gym and in the corridors!

Contact data:
Recreational Spa, ticket office/café, tel +358 (0)44 777 3185
Swimming instructors, tel +358 (0)44 777 3134
Swimming supervision, tel +358 (0)44 777 3222

Kiannon Kuohut Recreational Spa
Jalonkatu 1
89600 Suomussalmi
tel. +358 (0)44 777 3185

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