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Recreational Spa Kiannon Kuohut

The recreational spa Kiannon Kuohut is surrounded by beautiful nature, but still close to the services of the busy town centre. The renovated spa and gym offer recreation for both body and mind all through the year.

The spa area provides a 25-m long swimming pool with four tracks for keep-fit swimming, a safe children’s pool with two slides, as well as a water massage pool, a whirlpool and a cold water pool. In addition to the traditional Finnish saunas, also a herbal steam sauna is available. If you like to swim in natural water, there is a beautiful river right next to the spa where you can swim all year round, which means that you also have a possibility for winter swimming.

The spa lobby houses a ball pool for the children to enjoy, an Internet café, and a Free Wifi. Right from the corner of the spa building, you can start off to a hiking track and in the winter to a well tended ski track with lights. On the other side of the spa, there is the children’s playground and exercising area Humula.

At the spa, you can book a time to a golf simulator where you can have a unique golf experience everyday of the year. Frisbee golf frisbees are also avaible for renting at the cashdesk of the spa for a game at the nearby outdoor frisbee golf course by the lake.

Opening Hours of the Recreational Spa Kiannon Kuohut

Opening hours of the spa, gym and café from Sep 1, 2013
Monday and Saturday 12.00 - 21.00
Tuesday – Friday 08.00 - 21.00
Sunday 10.00 - 18.00

For the holders of a serial or season pass, from Sep 1, 2013
morning swim Tue-Fri 07.00-08.00
morning swim Sat-Sun 08.00-09.00
gym Mon 12.00-22.00
gym Tue-Sun 06.00-22.00

Dear Customer!

Please, do not wear swimming shorts when swimming. They are not allowed at our spa for reasons of hygiene.
If you want, you can rent a swimming costume at our ticket office for 3 €.

Thank you!

Come and get familiar with the new access pass system of our renovated spa.

This is how you do in our renovated spa:

1. Pay the entrance fee at the ticket office where you get an access pass.
2. When entering the spa area, insert the pass in the detector in the access gate. The green arrow shows that the gate is open. Then you can go through the gate.
3. In the locker rooms, you can choose whichever locker available. When you insert the card in the lock inside the locker, you get the key for the locker.
4. You can put the key ring of the locker around your ankle while you enjoy yourself in the spa facilities.
5. When leaving the locker rooms, remember to take the access pass from the lock of the locker.
6. You can leave the spa area by inserting the access pass in the detector in the gate. Once only passes can be droppend in the slot in the gate. The serial and the season passes are held on top of the detector and then the green arrow will show that the gate is open.

This is how you do when going to the gym:

1. Pay the entrance fee for the gym at the ticket office where you get an access pass.
2. When going to the gym, hold your pass on top of the detector which is located beside the gym door. Then the door will open. The pass must be shown to the detector even if the door is open.
3. In the locker room, you can choose which ever locker you wish.
4. When leaving the gym, hold your access pass on top of the detector. The once-only passes are put to the slot in the gate. Hold the serial or season pass on top of the detector and the door will open. Hold the card on top of the detector even if the door is open.

If necessary, contact the spa personnel.

The spa and the gym are protected by recording electronic surveillance. In case of malpractise, the access pass will be invalidated.

You can also pay with sport or culture vouchers, Smartum balance card and SporttiPassi at our spa.

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Kiannon Kuohut Recreational Spa
Jalonkatu 1
89600 Suomussalmi
tel. +358 (0)44 777 3185

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