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Services Connected to Housing

In the Suomussalmi municipality, the handling of housing arrangements are gathered to the Technical Services. The Housing Secretary can give information on personal home loans as well as on the matters connected to the renting of flats from the Technical Services.

Housing Secretary Aulis Rautiainen
Tel. +358 (0)44 777 3367

Invoicing the Rent, Water and Heat

Invoicing of the flats located in the business premises and premises belonging to the Technical Services for rent, district heat, water and waste water.

Housing Secretary Aulis Rautiainen
Tel. +358 (0)44 777 3367

Plot Leases and Reservations

The reserving of plots and drafting of lease contracts as well as transfer of lease rights are taken care of by
Local Survey Technician Jarkko Juntunen
Tel. +358 (0)44 568 4335

The plot leases are invoiced by
Technical Secretary Maija-Liisa Huotari
Tel. +358 (0)44 777 3370

Premises Service

The Premises Service allots suitable premises for the administrative branches and other public users; they also take care of the maintenance and managing of the premises.

Contact data
Superintendent Seppo Kinnunen
Tel. +358 (0)440 205 275

Duty officer, tel. +358 (0)440 344 305

Lease invoicing:
Housing Secretary Aulis Rautiainen
Tel. +358 (0)44 777 3367

District Heat

The district heat plant contains three district heat centres (Pitämä, Ristee, Siikaranta), the joint heating power is 38.7 Mw, i.e. one thirteenth part of one of the Loviisa nuclear reactors. There is 22 km of district heat pipe dug into the ground in Suomussalmi.

Consumption rate
64,52 €/MWh (vat 24 %)

Connection rate
* detached houses 3 800.00 €
* other buildings, coefficient 2.87


The Suomussalmi water supply plant supplies only ground water to its customers. If drawn into a direct line, the municipal water piping network would reach from one end of the municipality to the other along Road Five, i.e. it is 112 kilometres long.

Water and sewage rates
Water rate 1.26 €/m³ (vat 24 %)
Sewage rate 2.93 €/m³ (vat 24 %)

Connetion rates
* connection rate to the water supply plant 1.30 € x floor space of the building
* sewerage system 1.84 € x floor space of the building

The floor spaces of the buildings which are the basis for the connection rates are determined as follows in diverse buildings
- detached houses, building floor space x 5
- row houses, building floor space x 4
- other buildings, building floor space x 3

Connection and contract matters: Plumbing Technician Timo Moilanen
Tel. +358 (0)44 567 3458
District heat plant Tel. +358 (0)8 61 555 648

Invoicing: Housing Secretary Aulis Rautiainen
Tel. +358 (0)44 777 3367