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Outdoor Sports Facilities

Possibilities to do physical exercise are fairly good in almost any kind of sports in Suomussalmi.
In the traditional sports, such as cross-country skiing, football and Finnish baseball, ice-hockey, swimming, athletics, and orienteering, Suomussalmi offers good facilities even for those who want to practise actively.

Winter Sports

Ski Tracks
There are about 200 km of machine tended ski tracks. Except for some tracks in the rural areas, you can do both, free-style and traditional skiing. The longest continuous ski track (52 km) is open in the late winter between the Suomussalmi centre and the Ukkohalla ski centre in Hyrynsalmi. It is on this track that the traditional annual Hallan Hiihto ski trip is organised.

Ski Tracks in the Central Village
Hossa Ski Tracks

Haverinen Ski Centre
Haverisentie 7
89600 Suomussalmi
The Haverinen Ski Centre offers good facilities and grounds for doing biathlon and cross-country skiing.

Skating and Ice-Hockey
In the area of the central villages of Suomussalmi, there are three tended ice-hockey rinks and two areas of skating.
The ice-hockey rinks are located at the Kirkonkylä School, in the Kirkkopuisto park in Ämmänsaari, and in the Pitämä Sports Arena.
The skating areas in the Ruukinkangas School Centre and in Siikaranta, in the yard of the KAO Vocational School are kept open all through the winter.
All the ice-hockey rinks and skating areas are available for the people of the municipality free of charge.

Marathon Skating
The marathon skating track is opened in the late winter between Ruomasianpuisto - Luokanaho. The length of this track is about 1.5 km.
If you open this link, you will find the exact location of the track.

Summer Sports

Kirkkopuisto Ball Fields and Tennis Courts
Kiannonkatu 31
89600 Suomussalmi
The tennis courts in Kirkkopuisto are available for all players without charge. The next turn can only be booked after the previous one has ended. The bookings are marked in the notebook at the courts. The Kirkkopuisto ball field acts as the training field for the local dog enthusiasts (agility, obedience training).

Kirkkopuisto Half-Pipe
Kiannonkatu 31
89600 Suomussalmi
The half-pipe in Kirkkopuisto enables skateboarding in small scale. The half-pipe is in free use of the skateboarders.

Ruukinkangas Sports Arena
Urheilukatu 3
89600 Suomussalmi
The Ruukinkangas sports arena offers possibilities for practising athletics. The arena has jumping, throwing and running areas covered by Novotan. On the home straight, there are 8 tracks, and there are 6 tracks going round the arena.
The turf offers good training and competing conditions for football players.

Pitämä Ball Field
Hirvikatu 2 A
89600 Suomussalmi
The Pitämä ball field acts as the home field for the Finnish baseball players of Suomussalmen Rasti.

Orienteering Maps
The Suomussalmen Rasti orienteering division works actively in Suomussalmi with its leader Jari Anttonen.
If you are interested in orienteering maps, contact Jari Anttonen, tel +358 (0)40 533 6669.

Maintenance Supervisor
Supervisor Juha Tauriainen
tel +358 (0)8 61 555 606, +358 (0)44 039 9770

Booking of Sports Facilities
Service Secretary Merja-Liisa Seppänen
tel +358 (0)8 61 555 773, +358 (0)44 777 3066

Secretary of Physical Exercise Pirjo Neuvonen
tel +358 (0)8 61 555 772, +358 (0)44 585 9700