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Sports Facilities

Possibilities to do sports are fairly good in almost any kind of sports.
In the traditional sports, such as cross-country skiing, football and Finnish baseball, ice-hockey, swimming, athletics, and orienteering, Suomussalmi offers good facilities even for those who want to practise actively. Of the more recently opened facilities, let us mention the frisbee golf course in the center of Suomussalmi and the distance skating track which is open in the wintertime. The versatile Kiannon Kuohut gym offers its services for people of all ages, both those who want to do exercise and those who want to train more actively. Horselovers can go horseback riding at several stables.
It is possible to book both regular turns as well as single turns for games in the different school sports halls.


Ice stadium


Sports halls

Outdoor facilities

Maintenance Supervisor
Supervisor Juha Tauriainen
tel +358 (0)8 61 555 606, +358 (0)44 039 9770

Booking of sports facilities
Service Secretary Merja-Liisa Seppänen
tel +358 (0)8 61 555 773, +358 (0)44 777 3066

Secretary of Physical Exercise Pirjo Neuvonen
tel +358 (0)8 61 555 772, +358 (0)44 585 9700