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Early Education and Daycare

Operating Idea

Early education offers the children under the school-going age a daycare environment where she/he gets care and attention as well as guidance and encouragement so that she/he can develop a positive self-image. The task of early education is to support the child’s comprehensive development together with the parents. For a child needing special care and education, rehabilitating early education will be organised together with the other parties arranging rehabilitation for the child.


Children’s daycare belongs to the early education of Education and Culture Services. The purpose of the daycare operations is to offer daycare places and to support the parents in educating their children.

Early Education Office
Daycare Manager Jaana Heikkinen
The office is located at the Kunnantalo building
Kauppakatu 20, B-stairs, second floor, opposite the lift

Tel +358 (0)8 6155 5704 tai +358 (0)44 568 4321
e-mail: jaana.o.heikkinen@suomussalmi.fi